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Hi my name is Gillian and I am OBBSESSED with Books, I am Addicted to every page and every word I read in a book, I crave more and more. i eat sleep and live for books and Hot Alpha Male characters. Reading has really helped me to stay relaxed, focused and entertained.For me when reading i feel it’s a magical thing I find it to be relaxing and tranquil. I love getting stuck in to a good book to use your imagination and really push yourself to think beyond the box, for me at times this is an escape from real life and I think all humans need this I feel that books have that amazing capability to transport you, evoking different feelings of sadness, joy, anger and sexuality I have read sooooo many books I have lost count I adore and love books, reading is like an elixir for my soul. I am on good reads and love recommending books to people and having books recommended to me. If you want to find me I am on goodreads as Gillian Connolly I have read such books as Sinners on tour Seduced in the dark The McKenzie brothers Alluring Indulgence Assassins 50 shades of grey trilogy Inside out trilogy Cold