Heart of stone book 2

Tolerance - D.H. Sidebottom

‘I know I’m not an easy person Ava, I’m moody, controlling and sometimes bloody insane but hell, I want you and I never intend to let you go…ever!’


Now living separate lives, Ava still can’t escape Mason’s control.

His dominant and intense love for Ava find them both battling against issues that could very well be the things that save them and when an incident from the past rears up to haunt them, they both find themselves pushed even further apart.

When a way out comes from an unlikely source, will Ava summon the courage and strength needed to stand against high profile figures and set them both free or will it be too late to fix their turbulent relationship?

With Mason’s drugs abuse threatening to spiral out of control, Rebecca’s constant smug sneer and a severe craving for soap, can Ava keep hold of her sanity or will these events be the factors that finally break her?


Sometimes, Love is just that little bit too painful


This book contains explicit sex scenes, Strong Language, violence and drug abuse…and one hell of a hot alpha male!(less)