Edge of obsession

Edge of Obsession (SKALS #3) - Adriana Noir

Edge of Obsession (SKALS #3)

by Adriana Noir (Goodreads Author)


4.33 of 5 stars

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Sebastian Baas is at a crossroads. After a near brush with death left them both reeling, he is determined to rebuild the life he’s created with Taylor. He burns for revenge, but settling that score won’t be easy. Betrayal runs rampant behind the scenes of the lethal SKALS organization. His life was traded for secrets. Greed and ambition have rocked his team to its core and, once that web of deceit starts to unravel, Sebastian is no longer certain where he can turn.


Marx is coming down hard. One by one, his teammates are starting to shatter. Cases run cold and the dreaded reconditioning cells grow full. New threats are emerging and, this time, they are powerful enough to bring SKALS and the men behind it crashing to their knees.


As the pressures at work increase, Sebastian finds himself locked in a bitter struggle—trapped between self and duty, survival or love. No longer able to ride the fine line between the two, he has to make a decision once and for all: lose what’s left of his humanity or find a way to save himself and the people he loves.


Either way, Sebastian and Taylor are about to begin the fight of their life. Take SKALS or leave it: once that decision is made, there is no turning back…(less)

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Published August 25th 2013
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